Logistics Opportunity Assessment

Spending too much on supply chain costs?
Our expertise will help you save every time.

Cut on logistics expenses while gaining better service and operational performance!

How a Logistics Opportunity Assessment Can Help You?

A Logistics Opportunity Assessment (LOA) is a two-stage process to evaluate and improve your logistics functions.

What will you get?

  • A detailed assessment of freight spend
  • Complete, on-site operations analysis
  • Review of sales and purchasing
  • Review of traffic and carrier management
  • Detailed costs savings strategy
  • Personalized logistics proposal

We develop a deep understanding of your logistics requirements to find better ways to improve service and find cost savings.

How Does Logistics Opportunity Assessment Work?

STAGE 1: Strategic Cost Analysis

We will benchmark freight rates and categorize the various elements of your total freight cost. PLS will give you a detailed assessment of freight spend by mode, carrier, geographic and seasonal orientation.

STAGE 2: On-Site Evaluation

Our team’s on-site evaluation of your logistics operations will give us further insight, and knowing your entire process will give us a clearer picture of the obstacles your company faces. The visit will focus on detailed interviews with personnel from sales, purchasing, production planning, operations, carrier management, accounts payable and IT departments.

From the information acquired from both stages of analysis, we will develop a customized logistics proposal, including your requirements and business objectives.