Free LTL Freight Bill Analysis

How much money do you spend on LTL freight?
Probably too much – let us help change that.

Reduce your freight costs and make more money with our freight spend analysis. You will see immediate changes to your bottom line with no additional operating expenses or capital investments needed!


How a Freight Bill Analysis Can Help You?

After receiving a sample of your freight bills, our LTL engineering team conducts a full analysis, including actionable cost reduction details and a proposal from PLS to help you manage the process. 

What will you get?

  • Completely free assessment
  • Cost reduction plan for LTL & expedited
  • Detection of gaps
  • Carrier optimization program
  • Accessorial charge cost reduction
  • Reducing labor expenses

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How Does a Freight Bill Analysis Work?

The FBA can identify opportunities for freight savings and provide a carrier optimization balance with local, regional and long-haul carriers. You will also get a plan for a reduction in expedited expenses, freight classification changes, etc.

PLS will develop a baseline of your current costs and measure your baseline against what we can obtain in an RFP (request for pricing) freight bid to carriers. Additionally, we will offer guidance in reducing labor expenses and redundant admin work.

What value can a Freight Analysis include?

  • Reduce costs, increase profits
  • Leverage the latest TMS technology
  • Improve control and shipment visibility
  • Discover how your current pricing programs match with similar shippers
  • Consolidate invoicing to reduce accounting
  • Receive transportation reports