Free Freight Bill Analysis

Analyze your transportation costs and identify ways to reduce inefficiencies and drive productivity.

Enhance your freight performance and operational efficiencies with our freight spend analysis. Drive immediate impact to your bottom line with no additional operating expenses or capital investment.ill contact you after receiving your request.

What is a Freight Bill Analysis?

We provide a free, no-obligation freight spend analysis through a three-step process. We simply receive a sample of freight bills, our engineering team goes to work on a comprehensive analysis and prepares the results for your review, including actionable cost reduction items and a proposal from PLS to help you manage the process.


How a Freight Bill Analysis can help you:

The FBA can identify opportunities for freight savings through a comprehensive LTL RFP process and carrier optimization balance with local, regional and long-haul carriers. It can also help in other areas including reduction in expedited expenses, etc.

  • PLS Logistics Services will develop a baseline of your current costs
  • Measure your baseline against what we can obtain in a comprehensive RFP (request for pricing) freight bid to carriers
  • Measure your baseline against our blank pricing in a comprehensive RFP
  • Offer suggestions for additional savings such as reduction in expedited freight expenses, freight classification changes, frequent shipment consolidation, etc.
  • Possible review of potential accessorial charge waivers or reductions
  • Potential benefits of a freight all kinds “FAK” rating
  • Frequent shipment consolidation
  • Absolute minimum charge reductions
  • Reduced labor costs by consolidating carriers at the dock
  • Clerical time reduction through TMS efficiencies



What does a freight analysis include?

  • Improving your bargaining power
  • Leveraging the latest technology
  • Reducing freight costs and operational requirements
  • Improving control and shipment visibility
  • Lower costs with inbound vendor management
  • Discovering how your current pricing programs match with similar shippers
  • Consolidated invoicing to reduce accounting and AP expenses
  • Gaining expertise with a dedicated PLS account team
  • Receiving transportation reports to manage more freight cost-effectively